Saturday, 31 January 2015

Eskimo Child: Concept

This is my 1st concept of the Eskimo Boy. I decided to draw him with his hood down for this picture because I didn't want to fall into the idea of hiding his face particularly when I was adding shadowy parts. To decide on the colour for his outfit I decided to use Google to search for Eskimo attire and based it around that. I also decided on the costume by using the feed back I got in my previous post and by using costume designs I found on Google. The biggest fear I have with this design is that he has lost a little bit of his 'cuteness'. 

1 comment:

  1. I think he now looks a bit 'older' than your original thumbnail... and also, I think you need to think about his clothes as being 'shapes' as opposed to layers hanging off shapes, or rather occluding the shapes of his body. He needs to get simpler and more structural - if you were to turn this drawing into a silhouette, you'd quickly see that he was a bit of boxy lump. Also - I'd suggest you think out about using more simple 'cel-shaded' style colour - so less painterly and more 'ready for animation'.