Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Maya Update

This evening I completed the cartoon character scene and gave the pencil I created a friend.

New Beginnings

New Project! The 'What If Metropolis'. Design a city influenced by a provided artist and their work. This looked like a fun project from the start and it was made more fun when I got artist Tony Cragg. Cragg is a sculptor who's use of solid chunks of metal to create form is something to be awed. His work all has a fluidity to it which gives it its unique appearance, whether it be his drawing which are nearly all made up of curves, his sculptures which are all masterly crafted chunks of metal or shaped and varnished wood, his dice work which makes thousands of solid dice twist and bend as if they were made of wire or his instalment pieces which vary from either being large collections of objects which smoothly increase in size or his recycled materials work which shift seamlessly from one colour to the next.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Creative Partnership Archived





















DvD Sleeve

My DvD sleeve :)

Perspective Practise

Some simple 1 point, 2 point and 3 point perspective exercises using cubes :)

Influence Map

This was the influence map I used while creating my final pieces. All of the resources on there were used to help give me inspiration as well as a leading to new sources of inspiration.

Concept Artist 'Who's Who' Kekai Kotaki

Concept Artist Who's Who

All 3 final pieces

Interior Concept Art Piece

My final one, I decided to venture into Moriana for this particular painting and focus on an apartment in the darker more run down half of the city.

Low Angle Shot Concept Piece

So here is my Low Angle Concept Art Piece. I decided to look at more oriental design for this particular piece because I thought it would match the description of the city quite well. I do think the colours might be a bit vibrant even for my standard and despite trying to dull them down they are still pretty bright. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Exterior Establishing Shot (I hope)

Okay, so here is my Exterior Establishing Shot :) It has taken me a while to do and any criticism that you would like to give would be appreciated

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Same Style Different Day

So working onwards from what Phil said about my establishing shot being too much landscape and not enough city I have bought you this latest instalment of work using a similar style as I used yesterday, because I like it, and created a composition piece to get an idea of where things should be and ratios of backgrounds to focal points. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Quick Colour Comp

This image was drawn in 2 point perspective as a quick composition of the low angle street shot. However I do think I need to make the city seem darker and more imposing, this could be done by exaggerating the angles and perspective to make the buildings seem bigger and I would have to put more shadows into the piece.

I decided afterwards that the purple and yellow are on the wrong sides so I started changing the shot around.

Next I decided to extend the shadows and made the city look darker and more imposing.
This was what I finished with.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Colour Composition of Sketch

So I took one of the sketches I did yesterday and I recreated it in photoshop and added colour to give an idea of what it would look like to see the city at sunset from the mountain pass ^^

Friday, 17 October 2014

More Pencil

More pencil development today, I have taken my very literal example of using a lily and changed it to look more building like, I also drew a quick sketch from inside a train travelling through the city.

Moriana Pencil Development

I decided to take a break from practicing digital art just for the moment to see if I came up with a fresh and better perspective. I decided to look at a lotus flower because it is quite a lovely looking flower but I can't stand looking at the pods in the center. This made me think of my city and how the outside is meant to be lovely looking and the center of the city, the hidden city, not so much. I realized quite quickly I couldn't look at the lotus flowers for long so I found a new flower, a water lily, which looks similar and so I worked from that. I even took the design of the flower to start shaping my city from the outside because I think giant glass petals would be quite inviting.

City Streets (1PP) 
City Exterior 
City Bar (1PP)