Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Story Idea 2

I published this yesterday but blogger messed around and made it a draft again. So here it is today.

Story Idea 2


A ship is sailing through some ice and as it does a postcard comes floating down off the ship. The postcard is of a sunny island, with a sun chair and a palm tree. A man sits on the chair while some children make a sandcastle in the foreground. As it lands in the snow an Eskimo child finds it and picks it up. He stares longingly at it. He wants to be in this place. He rushes back to his Igloo holding it and shows it to his mother who shakes her head at him. He gets sad and slowly walks out side.


After he goes outside he kicks some snow over towards the sea. (he lives by the sea) He sits down in the snow and looks at the post card again. His eyes widen and suddenly he jumps up and runs to the sea shore leaving the post card in the snow. He starts trying to recreate the beach and the island out of snow. Time passes and it is evening. The boy is still on the sea front. He has created a snow sun chair. He goes and tries it out but the moment he sits on it it breaks and falls apart. Very disheartened the boy droops his head and slowly walks back to the house. His mother watches him and feels sorry for him. She goes outside and picks up the postcard and stares at it for a moment before making her way down to the beach. We fade to black.


Morning has arrived and the mother is seen leading her child out of the Igloo. The Eskimo Child gets bought down to the seafront finds his mother has built him a mini beach out of snow – complete with a palm tree, snow castle and a snow sun chair. He is absolutely delighted. He goes and hugs his mother then runs straight for the chair. As the boy sits down in the chair and looks around he smiles. As he does the sun comes out from behind a cloud. Suddenly all the colours brighten and the scene fades out. 

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