Monday, 19 January 2015

Story Idea 1

Quick Note: Today I found out that my Blogger has been acting strange over the last week or so and my post have been saving as drafts with nothing on them. So I am going to have to re-upload everything over the next few days. 


Story Idea 1

Premise: An Eskimo wakes up on a beach. He looks around, confused. It is revealed that he is on a desert Island. As he looks around he notices a deck chair in the distance, in the shade of a palm tree. Suddenly he realises how hot it is in his clothes and makes his way over to the shade and the chair. He sits down and slowly falls asleep. When he wakes up he sees a person looming over him angrily. Surprised the Eskimo wakes up fully and sits up straight on the chair. The man points at the chair and then at himself and puts his hands on his hips. The Eskimo shakes his head and lays back down. The now very angry man stamps his foot and marches off.
A few moments later the man comes back with some rope and ties it to the tree. He starts to pull the tree back making the shade move from the chair. After he has pulled it back far enough he ties the tree to a post. The Eskimo, who is now in the sun gets up off the seat and looks around trying to work out where his shade has gone. As he does the man sneaks by and steals the sun chair. He puts it in the shade and settles down on it.

The Eskimo spots him and comes up with an idea. He ties the chair to the tree while the man is sleeping on it and then unties it from the post. The man wakes up as the Eskimo lets go and catapults him into the ocean. As the man gets back onto the island he sees the Eskimo fishing in a small hole that he has dug. As the man approaches the Eskimo starts tugging and his fishing rod and pulls up a large shark which swallows the man whole and falls back into the fishing pit.

Night starts to fall and the man pulls himself ashore again slowly. As he does the Eskimo can be seen on a make shift raft sailing away. The Eskimo waves to the man and the man rushes around to see the chair and the shade and finds the tree cut down (To make the raft) and the seat part of the deck chair gone (to make a sail). The man is furious and kicks the deck chair frame over.