Friday, 19 December 2014

Maya Tutorial List

1)      Intro to Autodesk Maya:

  a  )      Modelling (NURBS and Polygon)
  b  )      Character Part 1: Modelling
  c  )      Common Shaders
  d  )      UV Maps
  e  )      Character Part2: Texturing and Shaders
  f   )       Lights and Shadows
  g  )      Character Part3: Lighting and Rendering 

2)      Modelling 1: Digital Sets
  a  )      Modelling

  b  )      UV Layout and Texturing Preparation

  c  )      Lighting
  d  )      Colour Maps
  e  )      Bump and Specular Maps
   f  )       Dirt Maps and Final Render

3)      Lighting and Rendering1: Intro to Lighting
  a  )      Exterior Lighting: Midday
  b  )      Exterior Lighting: Sunset
  c  )      Exterior Lighting: Romantic
  d  )      Exterior Lighting: Night

4)      Visual FX: Visual Effects 2
  a  )      Render Layers: Software
  b  )      Depth of Field

Pencil and Eraser Lighting and Final Render

This was the Final Pencil and Eraser Render after the lighting had been included, It took longer than I would have guessed because the settings the Alan used seemed to give me different results so this was done by eye and some trial and error. 

Whimsical House at Night Tut

The Whimsical House at Night

Whimsical House Romantic Tut

The Romantic Whimsical House 

Whimsy House Sunset Tut

The Whimsical Cottage at Sunset