Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Another City and Development

More thumbnail sketches (woooo!) of another city; Phyllis. Phyllis is a city that draws you in by appearing random and so full of different things that you can never experience it all, so you stay there to try and discover everything but you soon lose interest and just spend your time finding the quickest way through the streets. Phyllis is only wonderful if you catch a glance at it and leave the rest that you didn't see to your imagination.

Phyllis, the City that Fades

My next thumbnail, I should say was a quick development thumbnail which is going to work towards the idea that I want to capture with my chosen city, Moriana. Moriana is a city with a lot to hide, appearing beautiful and welcoming on the outside but on the inside it seems depressing, dark, dank and dangerous. I love the idea of the true city hiding behind an illusion.

The Hanged Man, Moriana Development

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