Friday, 17 October 2014

More Pencil

More pencil development today, I have taken my very literal example of using a lily and changed it to look more building like, I also drew a quick sketch from inside a train travelling through the city.


  1. I wish I had saw this one first. That's exactly what I meant! Looks wicked, would be cool to see it in colour!
    I feel like the city is a bit small though? It might just be because the buildings are massive.

  2. So that Lily thing, is it just art of the city or does it have any real purpose? I like it, but it looks very big and heavy! And pretty too. Do the people of your city have a religion that relies on the giant lily? But it looks like you have a lot to go with, that's cool :)

  3. Hey Brem, the top image is great!! :D I like! :D but as Charlie mentioned, you may want ot expand that city more? perhaps seen from the city's perspective? that way could show space and also the 'architectural petals':D Awesome stuff!! Cant wait to see more of this ^_^