Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Moriana and Leonia Thumbnails

My next collection of thumbnails are for the cities Leonia and Moriana. Both cities were very interesting and generated a lot of ideas, however I found it rather difficult to translate these ideas onto paper in the short time I spent drawing the thumbnails, though they are still swimming in my head. 

Leonia, The City of Renewal
Leonia is the architectural equivalent of a phoenix. It is reborn every morning, new furniture is bought into houses to be thrown out again the next day, people buy new clothes to wear for 24 hours and then discard them for something new. Leonia is constantly resetting itself. As for where all the old rubbish goes, it is taken by cleaners and used is left as a large wall encircling the city. I found that because of the rubbish my thumbnails should be somewhat messy and make use of scribbles to try and translate that.

Moriana, The City with Two Faces
Moriana is one of my favourite cities because I think it reflects so well what many cities around the world are truly like. They have a shiny, smooth surface but behind that fa├žade is a much darker, shadowy version of the city. This is what Moriana is, a city with a beautiful looking exterior but a dangerous concrete jungle lays behind that illusion. I found it hard to get what I wanted to onto paper with this city though. I wanted to give people the impression that the city is brighter at the front and sinister at the back, I tried to do this by making a stark contrast between the black and white that I used. 

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