Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What if Metropolis: OGR 1



  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hi Brem,

    First off - that's a nice set of coherent thumbnails you've put together; a characteristic of your last project was a slight sense of you grabbing at things, but these are suggestive of two things; one that you're much more clear in terms of your world, and two, that your drawing has already improved. Good stuff.

    The only thing I'd say about your travelogue, in terms of helping you in the next stage, is that it doesn't quite isolate a key asset or element - some landmark or building of special purpose; you've got the implied spectacle of the market, which is enticing in terms of its promise of detail and exotica, but maybe you need to think about a hierarchy in this scene or a heightened feature; for example, markets tend to congregate around a clock-tower or fountain; or maybe you need to think of this space as being like Diagon alley:

    ... so lots of signage and little details that really bring the market to life.

    I suggest you look at other kinds of covered markets etc, for more inspiration in terms of more concrete detail and reference: I'm looking now at Cragg's art pieces made of collections of colourful objects, and I was reminded of these sorts of images from Turkish bazaars:

    I will say this however - stay away from that generic silver archway you describe in terms of your digital set; try and derive everything in your digital set from the influence of Tony Cragg and his work.

  2. oh yeah - and change your profile picture on your blog... it's, um, off-putting and it makes you look like the next candidate in a high school massacre... not a good look at anytime, and especially on your 'professional' blog!

  3. Okay! Profile Picture is changed and having re-read my travelogue I see what you mean. I do think that the market could be improved by the inclusion of a clock tower or something similar. I can also see how Cragg's art style could be used to make a very unique looking one. Thank you! ^^