Thursday, 20 November 2014



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  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Brem,

    I like your curious, alien-like structures - but I don't like all the grey generic mountains surrounding everything... With your matte painting you've got the opportunity to paint all the wondrous elements of this world you could never model and render in time... Isn't there another version of this scene wherein you can dial back the grey bland lumps and dial up what's interesting about your Cragg-inspired architecture? You're obviously yet to commit to turning your individual buildings into orthographs, and you haven't rendered any of your key assets as presentation level production art. You'll need to do this in advance of week 12 - and certainly before you try and model any of them. When it comes to the presentation of these drawings, you need to imagine that you're handing them over to someone else to model from - which means they truly have to represent the asset they're describing in all their form and detail.

    Meanwhile - I want to see your reviews on here Brem - you're already behind and letting them pile up and I don't want to be discussing absence of content in your feedback. I want it to be good news all round, so sort it - and use the reviews as genuine opportunities to enrich another vital skill set. Sort it and get on track. You're going to need all the available time remaining in this project as soon as you get into Maya....