Sunday, 9 November 2014

King Kong Review

Kong Review

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  1. Hi Brem,

    Another well thought through review :)
    The referencing is almost spot-on now - if you do not know the date, you would use s.d intead, so in your case above, (Film4, s.d.)
    Always italicise the quotes, as this helps them stand out from the rest of your writing., and likewise, any film names should be in italics. This is especially important in the case of a film name that is also a character name, otherwise you can end up with a sentence that doesn't mean what you want it to... for example, you say, 'the original King Kong was released in 1933', which can be read as the ape himself was released in 1933 :)
    It would also be good to separate your text into smaller paragraphs - at the moment it is quite daunting for your reader to see such big chunks of text.