Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The City on Stilts Thumbnails


  1. There are no numbers on your spider web city thumbnails, though I do like the thumbnail that's 3rd on the top. I like 11 and 12 on the water city page. This page is full of great thumbnails and so many colours! 7, 12, 13 and 14 are interesting.

  2. maybe too much colour? It's clouding your structures a bit... and it seems to me that when you're not trying to draw too specifically, your thumbnails get a bit more dynamic - I reckon you could free up a bit more - take a look at Charlie's thumbnails for an idea as to how black and white can actually give you a bit more in the first stages:

  3. Hey Brem,

    Joey here (or Jojo is cool :D) , you probably remember seeing me giving a presentation to yous about being in first year last week. If youve missed it, not to worry :D I'm Joey, I've just recently graduated in Summer and back to help you guys out as a mentor to help get yous settled into your first weeks of your first year. :D

    Great stuff here, like from many people, showing your work online is the best way of getting feedback and showing communication, which you’ve already started and already it’s a great start!

    Good start on thumbnails here, but I'm a little lost as to what your project is about. Maybe give a little information about what your project is such as are they chosen words from a box and are you to create a landscape from those words? Also you may want to think about composition, how are you going to 'set' your scene, imagine you are a photographer- how would you take a good landscape photo?

    Dont forget to add in your influence maps- they show how youve drawn inspiration from them and development of your works' progress! :D If you have chosen keywords, add them in too :)

    Sorry its a big post!! :O I’ll be here if you need any help- just ask away! You can make an @Joey post or leave a comment at my blog ( or email me at and I’ll do my best to help you out.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity-ness!! ^_^

    1. Heyya Jojo,

      Sorry for the slow reply, I am still having some issues navigating and using blogger. I remember the presentation, it was very eyes opening and helpful ^^. As said before kinda new to this whole blogger thing, but will get used to it soon :) Thank you for your advice on the project, I will take it all into account when creating future bits of work.

      Thank you again