Friday, 26 September 2014

Trying to be more informative

Okay, so I know that so far on this blog I haven't been very chatty. So here's what's been happening. I have been enjoying the course so far and am looking forward to progressing further with the invisible cities project. Now for those of you who don't know the invisible cities project is our 1st project of the year. We have been asked to read extracts from Calvino's Invisible Cities, a work of fiction that describes many impossible cities all based on aspects of Venice. For every extract that we read we have to create a series of thumbnails that don't really depict cities, rather depict shapes and lines and curves that have popped into our head after reading the extract. This is to give us inspiration as we further develop our ideas. To me this is all a little alien, before this course I had only heard of using thumbnails and using such abstract lines to develop ideas - I had never had to put it into practice which you can easily see in my work because I am always trying to draw pictures and it is difficult to get out of the habit.
Drawing the thumbnails is fun though as it give me more practice using my graphics tablet and I have learnt more in Jordan's class so far than what I have been taught anywhere else. Also the brushes that he linked us to have been awesome for creating new effects.
Maya is still a big mystery to me but it looks so fun and the things you can create with it seem limitless if you master the software, I can't wait to get more stuck into Simon's lessons and learning the intricacies of Maya.
So all in all that is what has been going on so far. I will go back and update some of my work soon, put descriptions and information on my thumbnails to try and make it clearer for people to understand what is going on across my blog. I also want to update and restyle it to make it feel a bit more personal. Also, with my next lot of thumbnails I am going to go back to giving myself a minute per thumbnail and using simple lines and shapes to try and give me inspiration.

TL;DR - Going to update my blog and write descriptions on my posts, enjoying the course so far.

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  1. That's good you are enjoying the course! Hope it stays that way : D

    Could you make the letter in the post slightly bigger though? It's really hard to read the post...