Monday, 29 September 2014

4 More Cities!

Hey all! So here are my next lot of thumbnails for 4 cities; Argia, Despina, Diomira and Ersilia. These were all very different cities and I had a lot of fun drawing thumbnails for Argia and Ersilia, for Despina I struggled putting my ideas into pictures and I couldn't find a technique that I thought suited the city description, as for Diomira when I read it I just thought of all the different colours the city would be so most of my ideas are focused around the use of colour which probably wasn't where I should have gone with this lot of thumbnails but it was all I could picture really. 
Anyway here are my thumbnails:

Argia, City of the Dead

This was an interesting city because in my mind it wasn't really a city at all, it was a tomb. Calvino described the air as clay and dirt and this made me think, maybe the reason there is so little room in this city is because there literally is none, maybe the city is a collection of coffins in a graveyard and the inhabitants restless spirits. Anyway that is my interpretation of the city and I tried to capture it in my thumbnails.

Despina, The City of Sand and Sea
I really couldn't generate any decent ideas for these thumbnails as the description didn't provide me with any abstract ideas so all of these thumbnails are based around actual pictures which I don't believe is a bad thing but perhaps not the direction I should be heading at the moment.

Diomira, The September City
As said before this description just filled my head up with colours, reds, yellows, oranges and browns for the September autumn-y feel that the description gave and then a vibrant mess of colours for the lights and lamps that are hung outside shops in the evening. 

Ersilia, The City of Strings
This was a great city to come up with ideas for! The idea of strings making up new path ways and routes through the city is awesome and so I made so much more abstract pictures for this particular city using a variety of new types of brushes and new techniques. Personally this is my favourite page of thumbnails so far. 


  1. Hey Brem - I think it's interesting that you've drawn tombstones and coffins in response to Calvino's 'tomb' city - gravestones and coffins are 'generic' objects - cliches almost - and while some of this emphasis on abstraction and brushwork can feel like it's 'messy' or some imprecise, our experience is that if you say 'draw a city', people just get locked into drawing skylines - or indeed tombstones and coffins! For me your city of string thumbs are by far the strongest, because they describe space, structures and more speculative architectural forms - more rooms for our imaginations!

    Your classmate, Dan Reason has a new blog url after some tech gremlins messed with his original - please add him to your reading list, as he's been follower-less since day one :(

  2. Hi Brem,

    You have forgotten to number your last sheet - the Strings one. I agree with Phil, that this sheet is the most interesting... I particularly like the 3rd in from the left, on the middle row (see why you should number them! :)