Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage Concept

My concept for the Fantastic Voyage unit is based around medieval knights and castles. This is to appeal to a younger audience and is inspired by cartoons such as Adventure Time and Ozzy and Drix. I am doing the Influenza lifecycle, which involve the virus invading cells, taking control of the cells and using them to create more Influenza viruses that repeat the process. The castles and knights now come into play. The castles would represent the cells, they would even be styled to look like cells and the knights are going to invade the castles. The knights represent the Influenza virus. They will invade one castle and take control of it. While they are in the castle the knight will shrug off his armour and use a magic crystal to create clones of himself. The clones would then go to a forge within the castle and take control of the blacksmiths there. The blacksmiths would create new armour sets for the clones who would then march out of the castle and invade other castles around the first one.

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